Road Trip to Murder

Philip Reagan, 29, is about to start a new chapter in his life by relocating from Cleveland, Ohio to California for a new job. His brother, Matthew Reagan, a 39-year-old husband and father of five young boys, decides to go along for the cross-country road trip. The brothers plan to make an adventure of the drive, visiting national parks and points of interest along the way, but on March 21, 2020, their bodies are discovered beside a remote dirt road on the Navajo reservation near Sawmill, Arizona. Their vehicle is located, stuck in a muddy ditch, about a half-mile from the crime scene, and police assume Matthew and Philip were walking back into town to find help. Whoever murdered the brothers is still at large, leaving the Reagan family desperate for answers, and the Navajo Nation living in fear of a possible killer in their midst.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murders of Matthew and Philip Reagan. If you know anything that could help bring their killer to justice, please leave your tips at, or at 



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  1. KJ

    Have they looked at it at another angle? What if the killer got the car stuck???? Wish there were more information to decipher what happened.


  2. Mike

    Very sad


  3. Joyce

    Wow that’s for the record a really scary story my prayers go out too there families


  4. Elijah Dubois

    What really boggles my mind is the Patrick Mullin case. Have Ya’ll heard of that? Patrick Mullin and his family had a boat. One day he went missing for almost ten days. Police found the boat very far away and then soon found his body. He was missing his face and nose. “It looked like spaghetti Is what it looked like.” Thats what one of the coastguards said. He had a gunshot wound and was tied to an anchor. but their was no blood in the boat. The Ignition was off and the boat was out of fuel. To this day, I still can’t solve this case.


    • izhar

      One of their family friend who died 5 years after patrick mullin died is very suspicious…i thought it was him who accidentally killed him..coz he is addicted to meth..and meth user always done a terrible things..


  5. Marky Mark

    Is it possible that they might have been shot by an Sig Sauer P365. I believe this would have been a 9mm round. I ask because I stumbled upon other homicide cases and one guy stood out to me because he randomly committed crimes across Arizona and in some cases committed double homicides and drive 200 plus miles back to his home. One news article says that he had a dig Sauer p365 on him at the time of his arrest and that the 9mm rounds matched with multiple homicides across Arizona. One of the locations where he committed a homicide was on the Gila Indian Reservation. He told police that he purchased the gun in March of 2020. His name is Avila.


  6. Gina G.

    Why would you get rid of the show? Don’t just erase and ignore inquiries! Have you no respect or concern for the person and families that desire justice? How is it not of societal advantage to keep profiling cases? Minus the ghost, big feet and international cases.


  7. Bill Blaski

    Can we get a go fund me going to keep the podcast alive?


  8. Julia F.

    Very sad the podcast is coming to an end. All episodes were brilliantly produced and engaging. Thank you for spreading the word and helping so many people along the way!


  9. John

    Wow, I’m really hoping this is solved soon, I also want to say I’m sad this podcast is ending. This program has helped thousands, like they are trying to help this family, in my cases. I feel it is something that should continue in someway. It is a very informative way to get cases like this out to the world. Again, I really am hoping for this family that justice is found. This is brutal & absolutely random by the looks of it. Please come forward if you know something about this


  10. Bill Blaski

    Very sad story! They get vehicle stuck up, then proceed to walk to get help. Not knowing the area well could there cartels in the area? Is there jail house snitches who know the drug scene? Seems crazy that both men get gunned down while searching out help. God Bless


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