David Carter with his son, DJ.

David Carter seemed to have it all. The 39-year-old single father was hard-working, good looking, kind-hearted, smart and a role model for his 16-year-old son, DJ. Though DJ’s mom, Samia, and David were not together, the two were on good terms and shared custody of DJ. David was living in Melvindale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He worked full time at a seating automotive manufacturing plant but also owned and operated Lavish Habits, a casual clothing line. The center of David’s life, however, was his son DJ.

In March of 2018, David and Tamera “Tammy” Williams started dating. The two had attended the same high-school and reconnected at a friend’s birthday party. A former travel agent, Tammy was working as a phlebotomist and had two children of her own. By September, after dating for six months, it was apparent to David’s friends and family that David was growing tired of Tammy. She rarely left his apartment and became extremely jealous and possessive when David was around any other women, even his cousins. Her clingy nature grated on David to the point that friends believed he was trying to end the relationship.

Three sets of human remains are found discarded in bags along an Ohio interstate.

On Friday night, September 28th, 2018, David and his extended family attended DJ’s high-school football game. Tammy chose to sit alone rather than with David. Though nobody said it out loud, the family found the situation strange and assumed there was trouble between the couple.

The next night, Saturday, around 10:30pm, David called his sister Tasia, and asked if she would edit a video from the game so he could post it online. She got the feeling he was alone, and he mentioned that he had to be at work at 5:00am the next day. The following morning, Sunday, David never showed up for work and uncharacteristically, he failed to notify his employer or co-workers. That afternoon, September 30th, DJ’s mom received an unusual text from David, stating he was sick and asked DJ not to come over for his usual Sunday sleep-over. David missed work on Monday, and finally on Tuesday, co-workers notified David’s family, who filed a Missing Person’s Report. Searching his apartment, they found a red splotch on the carpet beneath his bed, a hole in the mattress, and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the wall. While family and friends frantically searched for David, his girlfriend, Tammy Williams, went to work as if nothing had happened. The woman who saw David almost daily the past six months seemed unfazed that her boyfriend was missing.

Tamera “Tammy” Renee Williams is wanted for the murder of David Carter.

On Monday, October 1st, a road crew working along I-75 in Findlay, Ohio, spotted a discarded sleeping bag beside the highway. Inside was the lower part of the body of a black male, with a bulldog tattoo on one calf. Over the next two weeks, two more bags containing body parts were found along I-75. The coroner determined they belonged to the same man, who was identified as David Carter. He had died of a gunshot wound to the head. Tammy Williams was arrested and questioned, but was released after 72 hours.

On December 20th, when police finally issued a warrant for Tammy’s arrest, charging her with first degree homicide, disinterment (mutilation) of a dead body, and tampering with evidence, she was nowhere to be found. Police believe Tammy Williams killed David Carter on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, perhaps as he slept, dismembered his body then deposited his body parts along I-75 in Ohio.

Tammy Williams was seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan in mid-October 2018. There she withdrew a substantial amount of money from an ATM inside a local bar. She then boarded a train to Penn Station, NY, and spent the night at the Neptune Motel in Brooklyn, paying for her room in advance with $100 cash. It’s after that that her trail then disappeared.

Authorities hope her unique rose tattoo will help identify Williams.

Tamera “Tammy” Renee Williams is 5’5” and weighs about 190 pounds. She has a large rose tattoo running from her shoulder down her left arm and may have blonde or black hair. She is an experienced world traveler and has relatives in Atlanta and New York. She is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, and authorities believe it’s possible someone within the organization may be helping her, unaware she is wanted for murder. Tammy Williams should be considered armed and dangerous.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Tamera “Tammy” Renee Williams.

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